COVID-19 Responses and Resources


Dear Neighbors, Friends, and Mission Partners,

During this time of National Emergency, your safety, health and well-being are our greatest concern and priority. We are praying for you by name if you are a Mission Partner here and are in a high risk group, a care giver of someone in a high risk group, or just concerned that you may have been exposed. But we are also praying and petitioning for all people around the globe as we wrestle with this pandemic…especially those who have been infected, and those who have lost loved ones to this illness.

Yesterday (3/15) we had the first confirmed case here in Denton County, Texas. And as I shared with everyone at worship yesterday (both in person and online), we have developed a tactical plan to guide us in joining our community and its leaders and trying to limit exposure and transmission of this illness. What that means in light of this new development is that we will COMPLETELY SUSPEND ALL ON CAMPUS MINISTRIES AND ACTIVITIES INCLUDING IN PERSON WORSHIP INDEFINITELY. Therefore, the only persons that will be allowed access to our facilities will be authorized staff personnel, Council leaders, or essential personnel needed to conduct our online ministries.

Even though the campus is closed indefinitely, WE WILL CONTINUE TO BROADCAST OUR ONLINE WORSHIP EXPERIENCES WEEKLY ON SUNDAY AT 9:00 AM (Classic Style) AND AGAIN AT 10:45 AM (Contemporary Style) just as we have before this crisis began. You can stream here. In addition, we will soon begin offering opportunities for you to schedule virtual time with the Pastoral Staff as you may need it. And we are developing a new weekly online forum that you will be able to join remotely so that we can stay connected, united, and informed during this time. We will send out an announcement when this resource is ready.

Finally, we are attaching our tactical plan for your information. Because even though we are at stage III - which means nothing other than online worship is happening - there will come a day when we can begin resuming a more normal schedule, and this will also serve as a guide as we begin to reinstitute things once this illness begins to reside and decline. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us here or through our app which can be downloaded for both Apple and Android products.

Stay safe. Stay informed. And stay faithful my friends! Because God is STILL good… In this season WILL pass.

In Christ,

Pastor Rusty

Tactical Health Plan




Here is our Google Doc of ways we can be a neighbor during the COVID-19 pandemic. The document will automatically update as more opportunities come in.