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God Never Said "Your Happiness is My Intent"


Series: God Never Said That

Passage: Psalm 128

Speaker: Rusty Sullivan

If it makes us happy, it must be right... right? No. That's what our culture teaches us, but that way of thinking can have terrible consequences.

"I went to church but it didn't make me any happier so I stopped going."

God delights in our happiness, but it's not his top priority.  When we begin to believe that above all else God wants us happy, then we naturally get to the point that God exists to serve us.

That's the skewed logic of the theology of happiness. We reduce the God of the Universe into a cosmic coke machine. Our relationship with Him becomes transactional.

If fact, there are times when our happiness is directly opposed to what God wants for us.  Here's a few:

  • When our source of happiness is a destructive addiction
  • When focusing on our happiness makes us stingy to others
  • When our happiness is tied to temporary things of this world

How are you being fooled by the misleading theology of happiness?  Listen to the sermon to find out.