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How You Say "Hosanna" Matters!


Category: Christian Living

Passage: Matthew 21:6-17

Speaker: Rusty Sullivan

Summary: Even though Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem was celebrated…it was unexpected. And although he was initially welcomed…he was eventually rejected and condemned by those who had sung “Hosanna” just days before. But why? How? What was it that turned the tide so quickly against Jesus? Perhaps it is because Jesus didn’t receive their praise and accolades the way they thought he should…as others would have. Or maybe it is because Jesus saw through their façade of praise and dared to challenge what others had never dared to challenge before. Or maybe it was some of both. Today we will explore the truth that “How we say 'Hosanna' Matters”. That Jesus does not simply come to be welcomed by us…but to change us…forever…for the better. And in this message, we will learn what that is in part meant to look like in our everyday lives.