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Stress Is Bad


Series: Making Change

Category: Faith, Conflict, Identity

Passage: 1 Timothy 6:6-12

Speaker: Rusty Sullivan

Debt hurts marriages, it fills people with stress, and it keeps us from being
free by binding the borrower to the lender instead of to God. 

This week’s message title is… Stress is Bad!
Worry…fear…anxiety…and uncertainty all lead to the same thing…Stress. And I hope we all can agree…Stress is Bad!
Bad for your health… (At least your doctor thinks so)
Bad for your decision making… (Some are good under pressure…but no one is at their best under constant pressure – Ask Tom Brady)
But most of all…Stress is bad for your relationships (With God…with those you love…even yourself)

So what does it take to live a life of contentment…instead of Stress? Pastor Rusty walks us through the Biblical truths of how to do this and why we should want to!