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The Wilderness I'm not the END!


Series: God With Us

Category: Hope, Restoration, Facing Crisis, Trials & Struggles, Relationships, Instruction, Valley, Mountain, Wilderness

Passage: Matthew 1:23

Speaker: Rusty Sullivan

Last week we started this series by talking about how we experience the presence of God in the valleys of our lives.  We explored the truth that we often enjoy God on the mountaintops, but we experience him most intimately in the valley.  

This weeks message (week 2 of 4) Pastor Rusty talks to us about "How do we experience God's presence in the wilderness?".

Matthew 1:23
Matthew 3:16-17
Matthew 4:1-2
1 Kings 19:1-5
Psalm 23:1-3
1 Kings 19:5-9
1 Kings 19:7
Psalm 139:7-10
Matthew 28:18-20
Psalm 34:18

What is a wilderness "moment"?
a.) we feel stuck ~ no easy or obvious way out
b.) we feel alone, lost, disoriented
c.) we feel like nobody really understands what we're going thru in the wilderness 

In wilderness stories in the bible so often follow mountaintop experiences.  How about in your life? 
~ things were going great and then bam! You're in the wilderness.

If you are (or have ever been) in such a place, then this message is for you!

Your deepest need (as much as it might hurt) can become a great gift when/if it drives you to depend on God!