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Category: Trials & Struggles, Christian Living, Spiritual Gifts, Identity

Passage: Ephesians 5:8-13

Speaker: Savanna Sullivan

Savanna Sullivan, Director of Young Adult Ministries, ELCA shares with us the importance of young adults in the church.  

No matter your age, we all go through times of Wilderness.  Do you have the flame of the Holy Spirit in the wilderness with you?  Whether you can see it or not, it is with you always.

We all get lost, we're all afraid of change sometimes. We all wander in the wilderness and sometimes it ends up being exciting and beautiful and breathtaking and sometimes it's terrifying and stressing and dark. But as you wander in those wildernesses, as you walk and the footsteps of Christ, may you focus your eyes on the fires burning before you. The fire that you have been to so many people specifically to so many young adults in this church. May you walk knowing that God goes in front of and behind you. That God, who is love, started to light fires for you from before you were born. May you give thanks for the wilderness, for the learning, and for each other, as I give thanks for you. And may this church never stop imagining new ways to be a beacon of fire in the wilderness of this world.