#TomorrowMatters ~ Recovery from Hurricane Harvey

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"Our family was blessed with receiving $150 during the church service. We chose to take our blessings and send it to David's sister’s church in Refugio, Texas. Their church was hit hard during Hurricane Harvey and sustained a lot of damages and claims not covered by their insurance. We matched the $150 to send $300 to help with their recovery." ~ The Lopez Family

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#TomorrowMatters ~ Mistake? Not for God!

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"It was probably a mistake, but my envelope had no cash in it. But I knew that God would present me with a purpose that only I was meant to handle, so I made a commitment that, whenever He showed me the need, I would give what was needed.

Today, Mar 16th, a terminally ill co-worker came to the office. He lives with a disabled wife in a 2nd story apartment. His 84-year old mother drove in from FL a few days ago to take care of them. Yesterday, his doctor postponed his cancer treatment due to a mix-up with the COBRA insurance payment, and last night, his clothes washer died.

He humbly asked if he could speak privately to me and asked if there was any machine "sitting around" that he could buy really cheap.

God just presented me with my purpose.

I contacted two other Faith worshipers and asked if they hadn't yet blessed anyone, would they want to pool our gifts? They agreed.

I went to my boss, who got on the phone with one of our stores. My boss explained that it was for a highly respected, hard-working co-worker who's gravely ill, and he negotiated another $100 off the price of a washer.

When I went to pick it up, the store manager also gave me free hoses and asked that I relay his prayers to our friend.

After the "group" gift (I'm including my bosses negotiation, the store manager's generosity, our 3 envelopes ) I was blessed to pay about $250 out of my own pocket. I said "Thank you, God, for allowing me to have this available on my credit card so we could ease this family's suffering a tiny bit. Thank you, God, for my health, my job, my co-workers, my friends, and my blessings that only come from you."

But this story doesn't end at 7:30p tonight when I helped carry the washer up the stairs. No, it doesn't.

I came home, and as I was paying bills, my new credit card's "cash back" program showed a respectable balance. I immediately applied this "found money" to the washer. Then, I opened a 'bill' and saw it was actually a refund...a REFUND!...from my dentist in almost the exact remaining cost of the washer!!! Bingo-Bango-deposit that "found money" and paid off the washer!

Really. You can't make this stuff up. Am I right?

Yes, this is long, and I so appreciate you reading it until the end. I thank God for leading this proud, strong man to me in his search for help - it was truly our honor to answer this man's prayer within a few hours of his asking. We all collectively knew it was God leading us, and we all know that God will continue to bless us many times over for the faith we have in Him.

Amen, and amen!" Denise Harbert and many others

Can I get an AMEN?! God is good all the time!

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