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#TomorrowMatters ~ Blessed to be a Blessing!

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"When Leah and I first brought home our Tomorrow Matters envelopes we came upon a very interesting predicament.  We know a ton of blessed people… If that’s not a first world problem I don’t know what is.  It clearly says a couple things about our lives and that of our family.  First, we are incredibly fortunate to be blessed with comfort and security and as Pastor Rusty would say, “To not get what we truly deserve”, thank you Jesus.  Second, it’s always a good time to look outside our cozy neighborhoods, to see who we can help. 

 After speaking with Mandy Russ and her family we decided that pooling our resources was the way to go so that we could maximize the blessing and immediately effect someone’s situation. 

 I work in the Medicare arena so I work closely with my Local Senior Center and decided to reach out to the Senior Center manager to get her guidance on who might need a blessing or maybe someone who was in a tough situation and needed a lift.  As you might guess, it didn’t take long for her to come up with a good candidate.  She quickly introduced me to a young couple who attend the center's weekly luncheon.  I asked her if she had a couple minutes to talk and she generously obliged.  I said, “I understand you might be in a situation where you could use some help”.  She said yes and began to tell me her story.  By her own description, she is intellectually challenged as is her fiancé.  They are both under the age of twenty-five, not working, living with a family member, didn’t have reliable transportation, live on a limited fixed income, and oh by the way… were 4 months pregnant. Now I understood why the Senior Center manager knew exactly who needed some help. Not my help.  Not my friends and family’s help.  They needed an introduction to God’s mercy.  She was awestruck by what I discussed with her.  A relative stranger was sitting across the table from her and her family and offering her something with no expectation of anything in return.  No strings attached.  She couldn’t believe what she was hearing but said that it would be a big help to her and her family. I invited them to our church, but if they couldn’t attend our church they could always attend a church closer to home or join us online.  To that, she said, “I want to go to that kind of church!”.  I thought to myself, I already do…

After meeting with them and helping them understand where the blessing was coming from (not from me), I walked away the one blessed. I walked away with perspective, with compassion, with a humble heart, and a greater sense of purpose.  The folks who received the generous gift were very grateful and appreciative, and so was I."

Our group of donors:

  • The Hinojosa Family
  • Lisa Cassidy
  • Ellen Eisen
  • Mandy Russ and family
  • Amanda Eisen and family
Posted by Faith Lutheran