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#TomorrowMatters ~ 'Lending' a hand

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"After a lot of thought, our group decided to put all of our funds together to support a small business through an organization called Kiva. This organization supports small business owners around the world and in impoverished communities by giving them safe, secure, small business loans so they can grow their businesses and support their families. After searching through tons of groups and individual people, we found Lucy. Lucy is from Thika a remote village in Kenya and is the sole breadwinner in her family. She has a small farm and a small sewing business and works really hard. This organization helps small business owners like her not rely on predatory and abusive loans. Our group pulled our funds together to provide Lucy with half of her loan request. With Kiva, if Lucy is unable to repay her loan, the only consequence to her will be that she is unable to ask for another loan in the future, but there are no financial consequences and the loan debt is forgiven. But, if she is able to pay back her loan, we will be able to add to that value and bless another person through this program. So its pretty cool that this is a blessing that will bless her life, but also can also continue to bless others in the future."

Posted by Faith Lutheran